Customer Experience Management
Contributor: Michele Rowan
Posted: 12/11/2013
Remote working is exploding as a result of mobile technologies. A growing segment of the workforce prefers it, and it saves huge spend on real estate and related costs.

But lagging behind the rapid technology expansion is well thought through organizational strategy to absolutely ensure that remote workers are as productive and as engaged as their in-house counterparts. Full Article »
Posted: 06/19/2012
For all the talk about the rise of social media as a marketing and customer service tool, one can only imagine how much more significant the explosion would have been had C-level and stakeholder fear not created such an obstruction. As social media standout Nick Kossovan explained at the 7thAnnual Call Centre Week Canada, fear is preventing so Full Podcast »
Posted: 06/07/2016
The modern customer journey spans multiple channels and touchpoints. It can start anywhere, anytime and move in any direction. How do you drive engagement during each phase? See the infographic to learn more. Full Whitepaper »