Multi-Channel Customer Service
Contributor: James Wilson
Posted: 09/13/2016
In this always-on age, your company’s door is always open, and customers may choose to contact you through any support channel you’re willing to provide—including email, phone, web chat, social media, IoT, Chat-bots, and self-service IVRs. Full Article »
Posted: 10/23/2013
Hype does not have a guaranteed impact on reality, and nowhere is that more evident than in customer management. The latest research in conjunction with CFI Group’s Contact Center Satisfaction Index reveals that despite insistence from businesses that the customer experience is their top priority, year-over-year customer satisfaction scores Full Podcast »
Posted: 06/07/2016
Omnichannel in customer service is all about seamless customer engagement. The aim is to improve customer experience eliminating breakpoints between channels, making interaction data and history available on all channels, and using analytics to continuously improve the experience. It can be achieved through a combination of organizational prowess, Full Whitepaper »