Multi-Channel Strategy
Posted: 06/26/2011
Elite Online Engagement with Scottrade

Cassaundra Sigaran, senior manager of Scottrade's online community, spoke with CMIQ about the company's best practices for building an online community. Full Video »
Posted: 07/08/2012
About fifteen years ago, professionals had to hide in shame if their corporations did not have an official website. Fast forward to 2012, and that same shame exists if businesses do not maintain Twitter and Facebook accounts in representation of their brands. The problem, however, is that for as seriously as businesses take the need to Full Podcast »
Posted: 12/02/2013
Consistency: The Key to Multi-Channel Customer Management

Consistency: The Key to Multi-Channel Customer Management

How a Seamless, Interconnected, Multi-Channel Experience is the Key to Engaging Today's Customer

Even the slowest of adopters have realized that multi-channel customer management is here to stay. While most organizations have multiple channels of communication, and almost every organiz Full Whitepaper »