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Don't Let the TCPA Cripple Your Modern, Multi-Channel Contact Center: Your organization likely feels very confident about its understanding of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The legislation is, after all, more than twenty years old. No outbound, customer-facing call center could have survived the past two decades without an appreciation for the impact of the TCPA. But today’s call centers a... Listen now


Amazon's Mayday Button: Why Customer Service Needs a Human Touch: It might be one feature offered by one company, but the "Mayday" button on Amazon's Kindle Fire speaks to an essential ingredient in today's customer experiences: human interaction. On the surface, the marketplace--and life in general--seems to be moving away from personal communication. Thanks to new technologies and evolving digita... Listen now


What it Takes to Drive Satisfaction from Your Contact Center: Hype does not have a guaranteed impact on reality, and nowhere is that more evident than in customer management. The latest research in conjunction with CFI Group’s Contact Center Satisfaction Index reveals that despite insistence from businesses that the customer experience is their top priority, year-over-year customer satisfaction scor... Listen now


Q&A: Assessing Maturity in Customer Experience: Martin Dowson is a recognized CX expert with a specific focus within Financial Services. Having led several failing banks back from the edge of customer ‘blowout’ and developed marketing leading customer experience for others, he possesses a wealth of insights concerning financial customer management challenges. He spoke to UK Custome... Listen now


What Does the Multi-Channel Customer REALLY Want?: Some say it is all about providing fast, efficient resolution. Others say it is all about engaging in a lengthy interaction in which a relationship is fostered and happiness is assured. So, business leaders and contact center managers, what do you do? How do you deliver the multi-channel experience your customers truly want? In this exclusi... Listen now


Scotia Bank on Social Customer Care: It's No Longer Hypothetical...But Neither is the ROI: "If customers walked into a physical, retail environment, we simply would not ignore them indefinitely. Why would we do that in a virtual space?" The bad news for organizations hesitating to offer social customer care? Demand for support on social media is no longer a hypothetical, and organizations that fail to deliver on this crucial custom... Listen now


Stop Wasting Your Call Center Agents' Time: Believing there to be a reverse correlation between prioritizing customer satisfaction and contact center efficiency, far too many businesses refuse to adopt a customer-centric mindset. But even worse than the error of that assertion—successful organizations know improving customer satisfaction is one of the surest means of growing the bu... Listen now


Quickfive Interview: 5 Executives Reveal The Keys to Customer Experience Management: Customer Management IQ's UK editor Helen Winsor recently conducted a "quickfire" interview podcast with five of the top speakers on the upcoming Customer Experience Management for Utilities conference. That event takes place April 28-29, 2013 in London. Featured on this podcast: Tim Hughes, CCO, Welsh Water Huge Harding, Head of Retail... Listen now


How to Build a Winning Experience When Customers Don't Trust You: Customer Management IQ's UK content editor Helen Winsor recently spoke with Hugo Harding, the head of retail and commercial for smart metering at EDF Energy. Harding will be presenting at the Customer Experience Management for Utilities conference, April 29-30, 2013 in London. A transcript of their conversation follows:... Listen now


Don’t Just Monitor Your Contact Center Agents – Monitor Your Customers: "We want all of our KPIs, all of our customer—and employee—engagement to be centered around what it is that the customer needs and wants so that we can not only meet his expectations but exceed his expectations." Successful business leaders know not simply what they need to do but why they are doing it. And when it comes to monitor... Listen now