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May 19, 2017 by Brian Cantor
Brian Cantor
Good customer service is not good enough. Here are three ways to make it great.
May 18, 2017 by Andy Rudin
Shaming customers may drive extra conversions, but at what cost?
May 18, 2017 by Nate Brown
Nate Brown
DiSC can elevate interactions with customers and employees.
May 1, 2017 by Jason Karaman
If a customer or prospect disagrees with you, how can you overcome their objections without becoming argumentative?
April 24, 2017 by Blake Morgan
Blake Morgan
Customers are not responsible for fixing your broken customer experience.
April 7, 2017 by Brian Cantor
Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in customer experience. But should customer service representatives be worried about losing their jobs?
April 3, 2017 by CCW Digital
You've probably seen quizzes that reveal the city in which you should live or the "Friends" character you most resemble. Ours reveals your #1 customer experience objective.
March 27, 2017 by Brian Cantor
They're supposed to be about connecting with customers. Why, then, do we let so many customer service interactions turn into heated arguments?
March 20, 2017 by Jason Karaman
People do not want to be sold to, but they do want to buy. As a salesperson or a phone representative, sincerely HELPING them make the best decision will yield more sales, a lower cancellation rate, and a higher caliber customer experience.
Tags: sales | profit | revenue
March 13, 2017 by Brian Cantor
This look at the importance of developing meaningful, emotional connections with customers features comments from executives at CareerBuilder, Mrs. Fields, NetJets, Ritz-Carlton and more.
1172 article results
of 118