Business Intelligence
Contributor: Mitchell Osak
Posted: 07/10/2013
Mitchell Osak
To really evaluate marketing’s worth, it pays to go back to basic principles. We have found that asking five questions can help determine whether the marketing function is "doing the right things, right." Full Article »
Posted: 06/27/2012
It will come in the form of aggressive vendor marketing copy. It will come in the form of updates about new strategies your competitors are employing. But when it comes to meaningfully improving your customer experience, you only need to focus on one source of insight: your customers. The world of customer management is overflowing with " Full Podcast »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 12/10/2015
Frost & Sullivan - BPO Trends for Banking & Financial Service Markets

Banks and financial services companies are facing a growing number of challenges, from rapid digitalization to increased mobility and the emergence of new competitors leveraging technology. The agility and innovation of these new competitors attract the attention of consumers, increase the level of competition, and magnify the impact of informati Full Whitepaper »