Call Center Management
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 12/13/2016
Last week, we held our final online summit of the year: CCW Winter Online. If you did not attend live, you missed out on a great exploration into how the contact center function has evolved this year – and how it will continue evolving in the year to come. Full Article »
Contributor: Cory Bennett
Posted: 06/21/2011
It’s easy and idealistic to say that the culture of a company should reflect the culture of its leadership. It’s much harder in practice. Patrick O’Shea, the senior vice president of Comerica Bank, can list off examples of how the C-suite culture at Comerica has rubbed off on the rest of the Dallas-based company, which spreads across seven Full Podcast »
Contributor: Tripp Babbitt
Posted: 05/31/2011
Tripp Babbitt
When issues arise in the contact center, many assume the agent talent or training level is not up to par. CMIQ Columnist Tripp Babbitt thinks otherwise, arguing that companies frequently fail to look at systematic problems first. Are you looking for the correct problems? Full Column »
Posted: 03/13/2017
This exclusive report revisits some of the highlights – and underscores some of the key takeaways – from the 2017 CCW Winter. Full Whitepaper »