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Contributor: Sheri Greenhaus
Posted: 07/10/2017
Sheri Greenhaus
Numerous innovations - including solutions for customer emotion mapping, artificial intelligence, text engagement and predictive VoC analytics - were showcased at CCW. Get the scoop! Full Content »
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 04/07/2017
Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in customer experience. But should customer service representatives be worried about losing their jobs? Full Content »
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 02/07/2017
Robot Vector
From a revised approach to agent engagement, to artificial intelligence, to the role of voice in an omnichannel world, we explore eight more imperatives for contact center leaders. Full Content »
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 01/23/2017
The New Year is underway.  That means we can expect short-lived commitments to hit the gym, unwise procrastination about doing our tax returns, and an abundance of discussion regarding pressing customer experience objectives.To help navigate that sea of perspectives about the key trends, challenges, technologies and strategies customer experie Full Content »
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 06/24/2016
Brian John Salesforce
This video interview empowers you to join the ranks of the disruptors by making connected, personalized service your key competitive differentiator. Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Providing customer service to Millennials has its challenges. The generation born 1980–2000 has grown up in a connected world and is renowned for their social-media savvy and exceptional multi-tasking. Their digital coolness comes with a few labels including: impatient, demanding, and seekers of instant gratification. For many companie Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016
Accelerated everything. Highly mobile workforces, the global economy, and the ever-burgeoning trend for “bring your own device” have detonated customer demand for effective response and resolution. Intricate workflows, pressure for outstanding productivity gains, even confusion about cloud computing are hitting customers where they live and forcing Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Want to improve your call center or contact center metrics? Tired of paying the consequences for overstaffing, understaffing or underperforming agents?

Join leading experts on workforce management, contact center operations and quality management to learn how the Cloud helps you:

Manage staffing levels to pay for just the right expertise Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Join CMIQ for a lively roundtable discussion of highlights from the brand-new Executive Report on Call Center Technology, including key trends from American Express, Best Buy, MetLife, Hyundai Capital, GlaxoSmithKline and many others.

Our panel of experts, including customer management leaders and technology partners, will put the results from Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

80% of organizations believe it is particularly important to serve customers in their preferred channels.  Only 30% are capable of consistently doing so.

89% of organizations believe it is important to create a seamless, integrated, cross-channel experience by passing customer data across media.  Only 30% of businesses do so.

This d Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Reducing Call Center Employee Frustration While Enhancing Productivity and Customer Satisfaction


Creating a powerful customer experience requires that your employees have all the necessary tools and support.  

Over 70 percent of what frustrates employees translates to frustration for your customers and a significant percentage Full Content »
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Posted: 09/08/2014
Tech support might not be the most glamorous business function, but it is irrefutably one of the most important. Representing a source of empowerment for customers and employees who need issues quickly--and successfully--resolved, tech support can serve as a business' top driver of value and differentiation.But because it is known traditionally as Full Podcast »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 02/03/2016
Overcoming TCPA: Steps to Eliminate Risks, Reap Customer Experience Rewards
This whitepaper presents an alternative approach to mitigating the risk for violating TCPA. Upon identifying the myriad of concerns associated with, particularly those related to mobile engagement, it reveals a streamlined, yet all encompassing method of mitigating concerns. Businesses consumed by TCPA compliance challenges are unable to engage cu Full Whitepaper »