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Insights from the NASA Shared Services Center, which is up for best-in-class contact center at this year's CCW Excellence Awards....Full Article »
You've probably seen quizzes that reveal the city in which you should live or the "Friends" character you most resemble. Ours reveals your #1 customer experience objective....Full Article »
We asked executives from companies like USAA, AARP, The Clorox Company, Citizens Bank and more to provide a word or phrase that best describe the customer experience in 2017. Here are their answers!...Full Article »
Safelite CEO Tom Feeney discusses the company's award-winning, customer-centric culture. He'll be delivering the keynote at CCW in Vegas this June....Full Article »
The first part of our 2017 Executive Report series, Customer Experience Game Changers, launches Friday February 2017. Check out a small preview to the report and its key findings...Full Article »
In this exclusive interview, Christopher Rainsforth, Development Manager, Forum's Community, provides insight into data management and its role in customer contact....Full Article »
This article reveals the most common reasons businesses engage customers -- and the 5 factors that most notably contribute to the success of those interactions....Full Article »
Call Center IQ profiled the attendees at this year's Call Center Week event. We compiled the resulting data into a benchmarking infographic -- see how you compare to other contact center and customer experience professionals....Full Article »
2015 Call Center Week Award Winners Revealed: Whose call centers are the world's best call centers?...Full Article »
What does it truly mean to stand behind one’s brand? What should dictate a brand’s commitment to the notion of customer centricity? These questions lie at the center of the contemplation process for Apple, which is presently embroiled in a public relations firestorm related to its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices....Full Article »
17 results
of 2