Zach Weiner
There is no shortage of leaders in this space on Twitter. At CCW Digital, we follow a large number of these influencers and have certainly benefited from both their insights and content....Full Article »
What if you don’t have any competitors? What if you have a monopoly on the market you work in? Are you then obligated to have provide “good” customer service?...Full Article »
There are countless customer service books in the market, ready to help you mobilize your team and achieve your present and future objectives but there are so many! Which ones should you start with?...Full Article »
What is it about a dive bar that keeps its customers coming back? Why is this type of place the first thought that crosses my mind to bring my friend who is back in the U.S. for the first time in almost a year? I think this situation speaks volumes about customers creating their own experience...Full Article »
A Soccer club in New York City must decide: is a customer always right when rules are being broken?...Full Article »
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