Special Report: Employee Engagement

Brian Cantor
Posted: 08/01/2017

One may use fun, informal initiatives to engage employees, but employee engagement is definitely not “just for fun.”

It is not simply a “nice to have.” It is not simply a feel-good, “Kumbaya” component of business management.  Employee engagement, rather, is a direct driver of a contact center’s ability to successfully satisfy customers and achieve desirable business outcomes. 

This special report investigates the crucial customer experience tenet that is employee engagement.

What to expect:

  • How employee engagement can attract the best contact center talent
  • 4 ways to create the “happy agents” that yield “happy customers”
  • Use employee engagement to improve contact center productivity
  • Why employee engagement is the key to understanding customers
  • How to reduce agent attrition in your customer experience team

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Brian Cantor
Posted: 08/01/2017