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Contributor: call center week
Posted: 03/13/2017
The usefulness of sharing information is growing exponentially and the speed at which it’s happening continues to accelerate. These five tech trends shape the ways in which customers access information and interact with companies. Full Content »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 06/07/2016
The modern customer journey spans multiple channels and touchpoints. It can start anywhere, anytime and move in any direction. How do you drive engagement during each phase? See the infographic to learn more. Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016
Your CRM does a great job of tracking all of the valuable information your customers provide, and organizing that information to help agents more effectively up-sell and cross-sell, target marketing efforts, and solve potential issues before they escalate. And while many leading CRM solutions provide important digital touch points (email, text, an Full Content »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 02/02/2016
Ten Key Points to Consider Before Implementing a Self-Service Solution
Are you looking to help your organization deliver a unique, personalized web self-service experience? By investing wisely now, you can create a self-service strategy that can drive operational efficiency, increase revenue and build customer loyalty. This paper addresses 10 key things to consider before implementing a self-service solution. Full Content »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 01/21/2016
Noise in the Customer Service Center
As our recent noise at work study proves, it is a growing issue. Open plan contact centers only amplify the noise generated by multiple conversations and telephones ringing. So how big is the problem? Whom does it affect the most? And which headset technologies can you rely on to prevent background noise from adversely affecting the customer exper Full Content »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 12/15/2015
Frost & Sullivan Executive Summary: When Your Customers Call, and They Will, Will Your IVR be Ready?
As many reports have shown, customers frequently gravitate toward online tools and other self-service channels when they need an issue resolved. But the fact of the matter is, call volume will not drop significantly any time soon. Though most people may prefer other channels, customers will still call, often because those other tools didn’t provide Full Content »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 08/17/2015
Enriching Your Customer Experience with Proactive Customer Communications
Proactive Customer Communications (PCC) is any outbound communications solution that delivers proactive notifications, alerts, or other messages. Done right, it turns once-dreaded telemarketing calls or ignored direct mail into important alerts and updates. A key to creating effective PCC is that it must be highly personalized, relevant to the rec Full Content »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 01/27/2015
Call Center IQ 2015 Event Portfolio
According to research from Forbes, over 80% of business executives still share a belief in the power of face-to-face meetings. While being mobile and web-based allows for people to engage with each other online, in-person or live conferences are a positive disruption to our usual routines.We are pleased to offer your industry the benefit of connect Full Content »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 12/21/2014
Consumer Survey 2014: Covering All the Bases
Customer service is more important today than ever before, and understanding the service preferences of each generation plays a critical role in an organization’s success. Enghouse Interactive polled 2,000 adults, young and old, to shed light on how your contact center can provide effortless, customized customer service, every time, no matter which Full Content »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 10/29/2014
The Real Time Engagement Center
Are you delivering the right customer service for the Now Customer?Customer care organizations must change how they operate to become much more Real-Time. They need to bring real-time interaction data and analytics into service processes and empower employees with the right insights in the moment.Discover what it takes to become a real-time engagem Full Content »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: 10/19/2014
IQPC Editorial Team

We asked six leading experts from companies such as Microsoft, Clorox and 3M what strategies they’re using to get the most out of social data. They were asked questions about measuring ROI, breaking down silos, talent and brand identity. The insight they share in this report will help you yield measurable impact from your social media effor Full Content »
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