Customer Loyalty & Brand Advocates
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 12/02/2013
Recent experiences with Discover and HP reveal that even the warmest, most helpful interactions can turn sour if the brand attempts to skip to the finish. Full Article »
Posted: 12/04/2012
Players come and go, and win-loss records can drastically fluctuate from year-to-year. Subject to such significant inconsistency, professional sports franchises—even those with decades of legacy and hometown support--cannot rely exclusively on their products to retain customers. Their pathway to customer loyalty must flow through the Full Podcast »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 04/07/2016
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In many businesses, contact center efficiency and—surprisingly— customer satisfaction don’t directly drive customer loyalty. Customer loyalty grows instead from the totality of interactions. Check out this new infographic white paper based on a survey by Call Center IQ, commissioned by Harte Hanks.  It found that 82 percent of contact center p Full Whitepaper »