DECEMBER 6 - 8, 2016
12 p.m. - 3 p.m. ET

CCW Winter Online (Now On Demand)

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2017 is coming, and with it will emerge a host of new contact center and customer experience challenges -- and opportunities.  We're thrilled to help you navigate these challenges in our upcoming complimentary event:  CCW Winter Online: The Future Of The Contact Center.

Taking place December 6-8, the online event is part two of our three-part CCW Winter series.  It follows the release of our executive report and precedes the CCW Winter conference in New Orleans.

But whether you're planning to participate in the other two projects or not, you will not want to miss this event.  You'll be able to assess whether you achieved what you needed to in 2016, resolve any lingering challenges, and ensure you are prepared to not only survive but thrive as the contact center landscape continues to change.

Our speaking faculty -- consisting of executive-level contact center leaders and renowned industry influencers -- ensures a caliber of content unrivaled in any or otherwise.  Register below!

All sessions will be available for on-demand viewing following the event.  Even if you cannot join us live, register to gain access to the great event material!

Sponsorship opportunities still exist for both full hour live webinar presentations as well as roundtable participation in the Customer Experience Session.  Contact Simon Copcutt at Simon@Copcutt for more details

Are you planning your 2017 contact center strategy?  Are you curious about how customer experience management will evolve over the next few years? We have you covered! We’re pleased to introduce our new CCW Winter Executive Report: The Future of the Contact Center.

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Event Highlights

The contact center is definitely no longer a cost center.  Even calling it a profit center is reductive.  It’s truly an empowerment center.  CCW Winter Online will focus on three forms of empowerment.

Empowering the business:  What role can the contact center play in achieving core business objectives?  How can it collaborate with other units to create a more efficient, effective operation?  What is the optimal performance point between customer centricity and business centricity?

Empowering the customer: The contact center should not impose on or restrict the customer; it should empower him to receive a more effortless, resolute experience.  It should offer access to self-service tools AND increased, more personal support when needed.

Empowering the agent: A great culture is the key to success.  But happy, engaged agents are meaningless if not given the right tools to perform.  Successful contact centers empower agents on both fronts:  they ensure agents “get” the business and can actually deliver for the business.

Confirmed Sessions:

Let The Contact Center Elevate Your Business
12PM ET, December 6

On the one hand, businesses are increasingly acknowledging that the contact center has value  It's the primary vehicle for executing customer experience strategy, which universally ranks as a top business priority.  On the other hand, few businesses are understanding -- and capitalizing -- on the complete value of the contact center.  The contact center is not simply the department that serves customers; it is also the department that connects with customers.  It has access to their feedback, behavior, and pain points.  Led by Travelport's Noel Holmes, this session will not only reveal how to optimize contact center performance but how to leverage contact center insights to optimize the overall business.

Noel Holmes, Vice President of Customer Experience, Travelport

Metrics for a Customer-Centric Contact Center
12:30PM ET, December 6

There are dozens upon dozens of contact center metrics.  Which ones actually matter?  Jay Autrey will help answer the question.  He'll reveal how to select the metrics that do not simply "score" your contact center but directly speak to whether your contact center is achieving its objectives.  Some may be known as "operational" metrics.  Others are known as "customer-facing."  All, however, will meaningfully measure - and help improve - your effort to deliver a customer-centric experience!

Jay Autrey, Vice President of Customer Care, MONI


5 Contact Center Trends You Can't Ignore
1PM ET, December 6

The contact center community is constantly talking about new customer demands, new technologies, new challenges, and new opportunities.  How do you know which ones to prioritize as 2017 approaches?  Our expert panel will provide the answers in this interactive roundtable.

Specifically, they will discuss trends related to the following topics:

  • What "role" should the contact center play within the business?
  • How can you best understand your customers (and the "voice" of those customers)?
  • What is the best way to engage customers amid calls for an omnichannel, effortless experience?
  • How do you empower agents to perform?  How do you measure that performance?
  • What technology solutions are urgent?  Which will become valuable in the next few years?

Panelists Include:
Jesse Hoobler, Global Director of Worldwide Software Support, Pitney Bowes
Brian LaRoche, Product Marketing Manger, CallMiner

Lisa Abbott

Meet the Contact Center of 2020
2PM ET, December 6

What is the future of the contact center? What will it look like—physical sites, remote, cloud, etc? Does it remain focused on customer service, or does it expand to embrace sales and marketing? Is it even a contact center anymore—or is the focus truly on customer engagement—not matter how customers engage with the business? What role to employees play and can we finally lose the “agent” designation?

Lisa Abbott, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Genesys

Creating Experiences That Empower Customers
12PM ET, December 7

Too often, organizations design experiences without considering the customer’s needs, wants and expectations.  This ‘worst practice’ needs to be eliminated, and ezCater’s Ed Ariel is here to help.  He will reveal how his organization builds customer-centric experiences at every touch point.  Follow Ed’s tips, and it will not matter whether the customer is engaging in voice or digital or whether the customer is serving himself or working with an agent.  All of your customers will be empowered to quickly and effortlessly achieve their desired resolutions.

Ed Ariel, Vice President of Customer Service, ezCater

Making Customer Centricity A Reality
NEW TIME: 12:30PM ET, December 8

The contact center leader's role is not simply to derive a great vision.  It is to ensure that vision is executed throughout the customer experience journey.  Getting there involves aligning the entire organization -- front-line contact center agents, non-contact center employees, and all systems -- around the idea of customer centricity.  In this session, Euroloan's Petra Mengelt will reveal exactly how to empower your employees as you work to transform from a business that cares about customers to one that optimally delivers for them.

Petra Mengelt, Director of Customer Experience, Euroloan Group
Petra will also be speaking at CCW Europe in March 2017.

It's Time To Truly Understand Your Customers
1PM ET, December 7

It's very fashionable to talk about the importance of "the voice of the customer."  It's essential to start turning that talk into action.  As you work to contact center performance and drive more loyalty, you need to elevate your approach to customer insights.  This session will empower you to achieve this pivotal initiative.  Ubisoft's Lenin Gali will reveal how to acquire customer data, identify the important trends, and leverage those insights to drive meaningful improvement inside and outside the contact center.  You'll understand your customers -- and what it takes to satisfy them in a way your competitors cannot.

Lenin Gali, Senior Director of Analytics Services, Ubisoft

Michael Ringman

How Connected Customers Will Inspire A Customer Service Revolution
1:30PM ET, December 7

From wearable health monitoring to smart security systems, supporting networks of IoT-connected devices brings a new level of complexity to the contact center. Today’s customers, particularly Millennials, demand the personalization that IoT enables, but they also want their customer service experiences to be quick and consistent across support channels. To meet their needs, companies must make new investments in the contact center, both in terms of hiring and training more “universal” agents, as well as in technology tools that create a truly omnichannel experience.

Leveraging insights from our IDC report on “Preparing Your Support Team for the IoT-connected Consumer,” learn how, by embracing new service models, agent training, and success metrics, contact center executives can manage all of this new connectivity without adding customer service complexity. Likewise, for brands and retailers that make and sell connected devices, learn how to use the contact center as a competitive advantage to serve your connected consumers. 

Michael Ringman, CIO, TELUS International

Dan Fox

Michael Johnston

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence in Customer Experience
2PM ET, December 7

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword in the Customer Experience industry that everyone is talking about but what does it really mean?

How is is AI technology being implemented in and what are the different options that are available?

Get your most pressing AI questions answered by long time industry expert Michael Johnston to get a better understanding of the technology, how it is used and how it will help transform your organization's customer care strategy.

Panelists Include:
Dan Fox, Field Marketing Manager, Interactions
Michael Johnston, Lead Inventive Specialist, Interactions

Culture: The #1 Contact Center (And Business) Priority
12PM ET, December 8

Not simply a tool for creating happy agents, a great contact center culture is the gateway to a more productive, more customer-centric business.  Justin Chase of Crisis Response Network, the 2016 CCW Excellence Award Winner for Best Contact Center Culture, shares best practices for fostering a culture of empowerment.

Justin Chase, President & CEO, Crisis Response Network

Human Connections: The Gateway to Customer Loyalty
Available On-Demand

What separates companies that provide service from companies that generate customer loyalty?  The human connection.  The best contact centers – the ones primed for future success – strive to create meaningful customer connections at every turn.  Agent conversations are organic and tailored to the individual personalities of customers.  Self-service technologies are adaptive and speak in natural languages.  In this session, Melissa Moffett of Machias Savings Bank will help you place humanity at the heart of contact center strategy.

Melissa Moffett, Vice President of Customer Service, Machias Savings Bank

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Let The Contact Center Elevate Your Business

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Metrics for a Customer-Centric Contact Center

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5 Contact Center Trends You Can't Ignore

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Meet the Contact Center of 2020

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Creating Experiences That Empower Customers

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It's Time To Truly Understand Your Customers

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How Connected Customers Will Inspire A Customer Service Revolution

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Artificial Intelligence for the Contact Center

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Culture: The #1 Contact Center (And Business) Priority

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Making Customer Centricity A Reality

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