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August 1-3, 2017

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CX Virtual Summit | August 1-3, 2017

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You care about the customer experience.  You’re investing in the customer experience.  But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? Our Customer Experience Online Summit (August 1-3, 2017) will answer that question.

Driven by exclusive market research and guided by established industry practitioners and thought leaders, CX Online will assess the gap between the experience customers want and the experience businesses are providing (or trying to provide).

We'll then turn our attention to closing this gap.  Our sessions will reveal strategies for more precisely and meaningfully connecting with customers.  Our virtual exhibit hall will meanwhile introduce innovative solutions (backed by research) for turning your customer-centric philosophy into reality.

Spaces are limited; secure your complimentary spot by registering below.

Hosted by Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst for IQPC Customer Management Practice, CX Online will feature keynotes, presentations and/or Q&As with noteworthy thought leaders and executives.  Here is the latest agenda:

The Why Behind Omnichannel: What Customers Really Want
Gerald Hastie - Global Head of CX – Evernote

Don’t look at omnichannel as something you’re forced to adopt.  View it from an intelligent, business- and customer-centric perspective.  Why are customers really going to certain channels?  What core expectations do they have – and how can you address them?  Which channels best serve business objectives?  Gerald Hastie of Evernote, a digital age business with an omnichannel approach to engagement, will help answer these questions.

Grow Without Losing The Personal Touch
Jim Thomsen - VP of Customer Care – Sign-Zone

Must a growing business be a less personal one?  Jim Thomsen, VP of customer care for the CCW Award-nominated Sign-Zone says absolutely not.  Thomsen will reveal how to maintain a personal touch – with both agents and customers – even as workforce and workflow grow dramatically.

Hyper-Personal Engagement In A Robotic World
Ashish Bisaria - COO & SVP - Fleetcor

Yes, we are witnessing the rise of non-human, non-conversational technology like bots.  No, we are not witnessing the fall of personalization.  Today’s customers actually expect a more personalized experience with brands.  This session will reveal how to create deeper human connections in this increasingly robotic world.

Don’t Call Them Contact Center Agents
Tony Keesee - Director of Customer Care - VPay

It’s all about the human connection in today’s world.  That is why VPay, a CCW Award Finalist, brands its agents as “account managers” rather than “contact center agents.”  Instead of positioning them as transactional employees who provide scripted support and follow traditional metrics, VPay empowers them to own – and grow – relationships with customers.  We’ll explore the approach in this session.

CX Technology: It’s About Use, Not Platform
Bryant Kaminaga - VP of Client Services - Visa

It’s not about what you have – it’s about what you do with it.  Exciting new CX technology seemingly emerges every month, but there is no value in marveling at the theoretical wonder of the platforms.  The focus should instead be on how to use the technology to empower agents and better engage customers.  Visa’s Bryant Kaminaga will discuss this customer- and agent-centric approach to CX solutions.

Think In 3D – And Create An Unforgettable Customer Experience
Andy Hanselman - CCW Digital Influencer  - Think In 3D

Andy Hanselman urges organizations to “Think Dramatically And Demonstrably Different.”  In this Q&A session, he will reveal how to adopt that approach – and why doing so will yield an unforgettable customer experience.

Grassroots Customer Experience: Get The Most Out Of Your CX Investments
Lisa Nance - Client Experience Manager - Texas Capital Bank
Great customer experiences are legitimate assets for the business.  This session will reveal how a focus on the basics will create a customer experience that is as great for the business as it is for the customer.  Lisa Nance will walk through topics like building customer relationships, maximizing the ROI from technology and creating the best possible alignment between the CX team and greater business.

CARE+ - Winning The Customer’s Trust in the Moment of Truth
Diane Zilko - Director of Revenue Cycle Operations, CX Leader of Year Finalist - UPMC

You only get once chance to make a first impression.  UPMC’s Diane Zilko, a CX leader of the year finalist, will reveal how to make it a good one.  She’ll discuss how her CARE+ program allows agents to win customer trust even in the most high-anxiety “moments of truth.”


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