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Contributor: Jim Moylan
Posted: 02/22/2016
Jim Moylan
Frontier Communications, (NYSE-FTR) is one of the nation's largest rural local exchange carriers. We offer local and long-distance telephone service, Internet access, wireless Internet data access, digital phone, DISH satellite TV and more. We operate in 28 states and provide service to 7+ million access lines and High-Speed Internet subscribers.

Key Responsibilities:
Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the activities of our strategic partnership with Intuit.
Lead, manage, and oversee the operations of the Call Center, with special emphasis on customer care and experience.
Develop strategies and tactics to ensure this Center reaches objectives.
Drive increased NPS through focus on customers and customer care techniques.
Develop call center/customer care policies and procedures that maximize productivity and profitability.
Establish and ensure attainment of goals for customer satisfaction ratings, call center staff productivity, order and trouble shooting accuracy.
Create and execute effective staffing model to meet stringent service level requirements.
Provide timely feedback to Marketing on products. Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

In the hyper-competitive marketplace of today, contact center leaders are striving to drive competitive advantage and bottom line results from their customer care operations.  In the effort to deliver higher value service to many clients and stakeholders we are seeing innovative applications of contact center methodologies
beyond the tradit Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Leveraging the Agent Scorecard to attain overall Excellence

Continuously, businesses have taken measures to gain a better customer’s relationship in the buying and selling of products and services. Many take a ‘snapshot’ look at marketing, operations, or automation, but few through the eyes of Total Customer Service Excellenc Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Reducing Call Center Employee Frustration While Enhancing Productivity and Customer Satisfaction


Creating a powerful customer experience requires that your employees have all the necessary tools and support.  

Over 70 percent of what frustrates employees translates to frustration for your customers and a significant percentage Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Aware of the ongoing struggles associated with recruiting, employee morale and high attrition, contact center managers undoubtedly need a workforce management plan that reinvigorates the customer management culture.

Enter the role of a cutting-edge employee empowerment strategy, which will not only spur agent engagement and happiness but Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Customer Loyalty is at the heart of an effective customer-centric strategy. Driving customer retention by identifying your best customers and increasing customer satisfaction is always smart business. Swedish Rail aimed to be a more profitable, modern, and customer centric organization through the launch of a customer loyalty program utilizing co Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Online chat continues to develop as both a convenient customer service channel, and a cost effective sales delivery method. But even with its growing consumer preference, impressive ROI, and high CSAT, online chat is still regarded as an immature channel. However, as more consumers go to the web for support and online shopping, there remain treme Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Customers don't buy a product or service in a vacuum; they buy it as part of a total experience. And, in a tough economy, buyers hold on to their money more tightly, and for longer, as they make difficult choices about if, where, and when they will spend it. As a result, when customers have a great experience, the chances of them re Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

Most companies today are facing a highly competitive environment to satisfy clients and increase market share, while managing resources. Even within Process Excellence teams, the focus needs to be on resources pertaining to the initiatives and areas of the business that will impact customer satisfaction and drive increased business process perfor Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

You know:

First Call Resolution (FCR) improvement equals customer satisfaction improvement.

When FCR increases, customer churn decreases.

Better FCR results in lower costs.

But, do you know:

How to mobilize around FCR down to every agent, in every center, on every call?

New and changing products, plans and services create Full Content »
Posted: 02/11/2016

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Recently, 70 percent of at-home proponents said that issues dealing with people and the processes to manage them were the biggest challenges to scaling an at-home agent program. People issues can be overshadowed by technology and other start-up concerns, but experienced practitioners say that if you Full Content »
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Posted: 07/29/2012
The Golden Rule—"do unto others as you would have them do unto you"-- is regarded as such because its validity is thought to be universal and irrefutable. After all, who could really find fault with the idea of treating people the way one would prefer to be treated? Zynga and TELUS International, that is who! "The old adage is, ‘treat Full Podcast »
Contributor: William Cohen, Ph.D.
Posted: 07/04/2011
William Cohen, Ph.D.
CMIQ columnist William Cohen revisits his extensive research on the 8 qualities of an effective leader and views them from a marketing perspective to test Peter Drucker's influential idea that, "Leadership is Marketing." Full Column »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 02/03/2015
Dispelling 5 Myths on Outsourcing Customer Care

Reduce costs, differentiate your business.

It probably feels impossible to trust a group of faceless strangers with your customer interactions. You may be worrying...

I'll lose touch with our customer care process-and our customers

I'll lose control and quality

I can only outsource simple processes

But some of the world's b Full Whitepaper »