Social Media ROI
Contributor: Mitchell Osak
Posted: 09/16/2013
Mitchell Osak
It just so happens my daughter was on to something. Much of Lady Gaga’s success can trace to her skill as a digital marketer; her approach holds many lessons for marketers looking to quickly build strong and compelling brands online. Full Article »
Posted: 03/31/2013
"If customers walked into a physical, retail environment, we simply would not ignore them indefinitely. Why would we do that in a virtual space?" The bad news for organizations hesitating to offer social customer care? Demand for support on social media is no longer a hypothetical, and organizations that fail to deliver on this crucial Full Podcast »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 06/04/2015
The Impact of Social Media on Customer Service

In this guide, Impact of Social Media on Customer Service, Plantronics took a closer look into how social media is being used as a new channel for customer service and how Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are being used by customers to engage with (or broadcast to) companies. What was once a one-to-one conversation now has the potential to become on Full Whitepaper »