Technology Integration
Contributor: Shawn Siegel
Posted: 02/05/2013
Shawn Siegel
In this Q&A, Afga's expert services director reveals how his company leverages technological innovation to deliver an unprecedented customer experience. Full Article »
Posted: 06/19/2012
Complaints about C-level "ignorance" have softened in the wake of reports that executives are finally recognizing the business impact of the customer experience, but that does not mean customer management professionals feel any less compelled to achieve that buy-in for their social and online customer experience strategies. To them, the Full Podcast »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: 01/27/2015
Call Center IQ 2015 Event Portfolio
According to research from Forbes, over 80% of business executives still share a belief in the power of face-to-face meetings. While being mobile and web-based allows for people to engage with each other online, in-person or live conferences are a positive disruption to our usual routines.We are pleased to offer your industry the benefit of connect Full Whitepaper »