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Our newest report focuses on workforce management. Employees are the lifeblood of the customer experience strategy. They represent the link between the business and its customers, and their actions before, during and after each interaction define the overall quality of the experience.Special Report: Workforce Management

You care about the customer experience. You’re investing in the customer experience. But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? Our CCW Digital Executive Report on the Customer Experience will answer that question.CCW Executive Report: Customer Experience

Engagement is the ultimate “moment of truth” when it comes to the customer experience. It is how organizations achieve loyalty from customers and separation from competitors.Special Report: Customer Engagement

The African contact centre market is rapidly growing larger and more sophisticated as it moves to serve an exploding domestic market of digitally empowered consumers, while also catering to the diverse needs of the global BPO industry.Infographic - Changing Landscape of Contact Centres in Africa


Creating a uniquely intimate networking opportunity for Fortune 1000 & Global 2000 Senior Level Executives, the Exchange is an invite-only event that creates a true peer to peer learning environmentWhat is an Exchange?

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This research-driven report explores how organizations are – and should be – achieving results in this era of customer-centric thinking and omnichannel engagement.CCW Executive Report: Performance & Agents

Studies show that most customers are only willing to wait on hold for 60 seconds And even though you've trained your agents to work diligently to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible, all it takes is just one unhappy experience... Learn more

The customer service center has seen more change in the last five years than it has in the last 35 years combined. Thanks to higher customer expectations, multiple points of engagement, and the growth of social media, the customer service... Learn more

Banks and financial services companies are facing a growing number of challenges, from rapid digitalization to increased mobility and the emergence of new competitors leveraging technology. The agility and innovation of these new competitors... Learn more

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Is your contact center prepared to deliver omnichannel customer service? Are you aware of the dangers and pitfalls? Do you have the practical advice and essential know-how to create a 360-degree view of the customer in order to accurately anticipate their needs and create an omnichannel vision? Download this Survival Guide to learn: • Six best practices to design and deliver omnichannel customer service • The three R's of operationalizing omnichannel customer service - Resources, Routing and Reporting • Business results you can achieve by moving to an omnichannel contact centerThe Contact Center Manager's Survival Guide to Omnichannel Customer Service

181 whitepaper results
of 19